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You want to make sure the layer of duct tape is strong enough to hold the second magnet down when you open your coin purse.

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Duct tape was initially created during the World War Two era as a waterproof tape for the army to use.

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Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make a duct tape passport lanyard. Today I am going to show you how to make duck tape passport holder.How to Make a Duct Tape Belt. June 3,. All you need to make one is duct tape,.You can make your fabric larger to create a bigger coin purse.

Follow these simple instructions to create your own DIY duct tape water bottle holders.Hold everything with this deluxe ladies duct tape wallet, featuring card holders, a clear ID holder, a key pocket,.Make sure the strip is at the edge of the first side of your fabric.Make sure the piece of duct tape is large enough to hide your magnet completely.When ripping duct tape from your roll, always pull from the front and never the back or it may become tangled and unusable.A library card or credit card for sizing Step Build the main body of the wallet.Lay it sticky side down on your first side overlapping the first strip by a half inch.

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Choose a favorite color or just plain grey Duct tape or raid Wal-Mart of its Duct tape rack for a.How to make duct tape wallets (now i really wish we had such cool duck tape but all the stores sell here is grey.Follow these simple directions and you can make your own duct tape wallet. Make another duct tape sheet to use for the.

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Find best value and selection for your Duct Tape Iphone Ipod Holder search on eBay.Part 3 of 3 - How to Make a duct tape wallet. WonderHowTo Fashion Design.

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Step 1 The first step is to create a large sheet of duct tape 8.5 inches by 7 inches.

Press the duct tape over your second magnet tightly so that it holds it in place.Keep track of your credit or business cards with a DIY holder.

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How to make a duct tape coupon organizer prop69com. How-To Make A Duct Tape Wallet.

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Responding to a request from a viewer, crafting expert Sophie Maletsky creates this duct tape lip balm.A roll of duct tape (various rolls if you intend to create your own pattern).Follow these craft instructions and you can use duct tape to create a fashionable wallet, a fancy clutch, a funky.

Make these fun Mickey and Minnie themed gift card holders from duct tape for the. provides readers daily coupons, online.Run your thumb and forefinger over the strip so that it sticks.